from by Nathan Norrgran

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Crowded in the backseat we were holding hands
on the way home from a cornfield kegger just like every other weekend that summer
The gypsies chased us out of that abandoned house at the hollow.
We'd sit out on that haunted Gudgeonville bridge.
The kids would scream to the sounds of the children's echoes.
We parked that old closed down truck stop off of Exit 18.
Under that Dixie sign that used to shine so bright,
it used to guide me home at the end of the night.

We sat alone in the dark. Didn't even crawl into the back seat.
We sat alone in the dark, still had our fun, we were living free.

18 in a small town.
I'm leaving you now to make my highway run
But I'll remember all the words to every song that you sung
in the backseat with the radio on.

21 brought the awful truth: All my friends are wasted.
They'll spend their whole lives wishing for something more,
but won't ever have the balls to go and chase it.
Single mothers and runaway fathers fill their parents basements and the State St. bars.
College dropouts share their doubts with the minimum-wage small-town-stars.

But that's not me. Oh, that's not me.
I'm just a visitor here and soon you'll see that I've won that fight and I'm finally free.

21 in a small town.
But for now, all my dreams are gone
When I'm remembering the words to every song that you sung
in the backseat with the radio on.

When some firebrand kids burned that bridge to the ground,
They buried everything I believed in.
Now the kids in this town don't mean nothing at all to anyone but themselves.
Every song that they write's just to make a deal,
Cause the only thing that's real is that there's nothing real
Left here to die like everything that I've ever loved.

I don't hate this town, I just hate what it's done to me.
I don't hate this place, I just hate what it's done to me.


from Dixie, released January 21, 2014
Additional vocals by Shane Young.
Ending piano by Tyler Addison James.



all rights reserved


Nathan Norrgran Los Angeles, California

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